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Hybrid E-Learning Suite
for Secondary Schools


The evolution of the Internet is a phenomenon that is destined to change the way we communicate, educate, learn and grow students.

E-Learn Center Initiative

/ Digital Learning for Schools
The E-learn center Initiative is on a mission to upgrade the quality of I.C.T and technology education in African schools by providing schools with a fully suited e-learning portal fully branded for their school as a contribution to the quality of technology education in their institution.


Our solution

The Demand for virtual learning
We built eLearn center for the continuity of education and academic teaching activities beyond the traditional 4-walls of a school
The need for digital assessments and curated video libraries
Feature development – Utilizing the internet, we designed online assessments into each school's elearning portal to aid student engagement and remote evaluation. We included a functionality for video library
E-Books & Virtual Classroom Interaction
The e-learn center was built to aid the curation of virtual classrooms for file sharing, eBooks and group interaction


In its first year as a public company, E-Learn Center has enjoyed considerable success in a post-covid academic system
Virtual Classroom Interaction
Remote Continuous Assessment
Video Library

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