Own Your Online Store (OYOS)


A simplified eCommerce Solution
for Sellers


OYOS was designed as an eCommerce store builder solution for merchants in Africa and globally. The legal right to these ‘creations’ is Intellectual Property (IP).

Travis Uche

/ Founder – OYOS
OYOS is a simplified ecommerce solution that allows merchants to set up an online store in 5-minutes to sell their goods and accept online payments in their store with ease, customize their storefront, manage their inventory and customers, advertise online, track reports and respond to orders — all with a few clicks.


Our solution

The difficulty of setting up an online store.
Advancements in technology – including 5-minutes online store setup for independent retailers and sellers out of the box.
Sales automation, marketing expansion and online payment systems for sellers.
Market development – we designed direct integrations with social media for social marketing from the sellers online store, as well as payment gateway integrations.
Demand for eCommerce education and support
We deployed a specialized eCommerce academy to train sellers globally on the insights and secrets of eCommerce.


OYOS now has an innovative business model of delivering out of the box eCommerce infrastructures for merchants and sellers. Powering thousands of online stores across Africa.
5-Minutes eCommerce Store Setup
Stock & Inventory Management
Strong Hosting Capacity
Online Payment Systems

How our services bring about success